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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Whether we should privatize higher education?

“Reliance” will enter the education sector to provide quality higher education as it emerges as the next profitable opportunity.

A range of private enterprise has already set up international schools and they are doing well. And some fly-by-night operators have entered too rather they were always there!
The state has a role to play in order to modulate this enthusiasm amongst the eligible ones so as to maximize the social cause. Let’s face it…Population and education have always been the most sought after sectors that need correction. In countries like US, UK and other developed , private enterprise have always played a role to better education standards as well to provide scholarships to the ‘worthy’ students aspiring for higher education. Of course, the scene is far better in India when compared to 20 years back. PSU banks and other institutions have started disbursing educational loans that were not available earlier.

We should allow companies to run educational institutions as well-run businesses that have transparent accounts and declare dividends. But a word of caution…entry of private funds into higher education is not a case for the state to withdraw from the sector. Rather the state should deepen their involvement and give it a different shape. Higher education is expensive, many will agree. A good part of the cost in providing higher education should be recovered from ‘realistic fees’ from the students. At the same time, it must be ensured that lack of funds does not kill the dreams of attending college by well deserving students coming from poor families. A large part of government funding should be in form of scholarships which are liberal.

Securitized loans by government undertaking banks is already happening as mentioned earlier in this passage. That is a good step taken by the PSU banks.Hence there is mix of private enterprise and modulation (read control) by the government required to uplift the standards of education in this country.

A Sublime (read uplifting) feeling…review of the movie ‘Nishabd’

Recently, i saw the most talked about movie ‘Nishabd’ which I am sure was made for viewing by the special class and not the mass.

As usual, Amitabh Bachchan does complete justice to the role given to him in this film too. I can never understand why and how people fall in love and aspire to give it a name. I am quite sure that everyone is in love with ‘self’ all the time. So nobody falls in love with anyone other than themselves. All relationships are need- based...simple metaphysics. An old man of 60 years wants to be young or wants to go back to his youth and seeks a relationship with an 18 year old girl when approached by her first. So, that at least speaks of his maturity as he does not initiate. All he wants to do…is avail an opportunity to be ‘young’ again’. But, he is already married for past 27 years and his daughter is as old as this girl. Love cannot be divided (thank god!) otherwise there would be chaos as many people will keep falling in and out love all the time. The movie revolves around the feelings of a 60 year old man and is basically a narration of his experience that also serves as a 'lesson' to others who wish to live like him.

I found the movie very touching especially at the end.

With tears in his eyes, Amitabh explains how his other relations got messed up because he could not control his feelings for this girl.The movie shows finally, how the 'old man' wants to end his life because his life gets in to a state of disorder because of his unwarranted feelings.

The movie is thought provoking and refreshing.